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Persea americana

Avocado is a tropical, ever green fruit tree found in most home gardens in Uganda. We export fresh Avocados especically Fuerte, Jumbo and Hass packed in 4kg and 10kg corrugated boxes.


Hot Cayenne Chilli
C. annuum

Raw fresh chilli of the Capsicum annum variety with SHU units between 20,000 to 50,000 is exported by Jay Fortune in 4kg Boxes. On Request, we can ship it in forms of; Whole Chilli, Flakes or Powder.


Abelmoschus esculentus

Okra is als known as Gumbo or Ladies' fingers, is a warm-season vegetable. It is a good source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidabts and fiber. It contains a sticky juice that people use to thicken sauces.


Habanero Hot Pepper
Capsicum chinense

Habanero is a hot variety of chilli pepper of Capsicum Chinense Varieties with Scovile units between 100,000 to 250,000 grown on our farms.The most color variants are green, red and yellow. On Request, we can ship it in forms of; Whole Chilli, Flakes or Powder.


Matooke | Bananas
Musa acuminata

Matooke or East African Highland Bananas are one of the most important staple foods found in the East African region.The Bananas are harvested green, carefully peeled and then cooked into a meal.


Sweet Potatoes
Ipomea batatas

These are one of the most important stachy and perenial creepers anticipated as annual crops.Uganda is one of the leading producers of sweet potatoes in Africa and we export the white, red and orange Varieties in 10kg boxes.

Whole Red Chill (Demon F1)

Red Chill (Demon F1)
Capsicum annuum

The F1 is a vigorous Thai chill variety with a reliable performance with fruits maturing from green to a bright red. The fruits are of high pungency with a fruit length of 7-9cm and diameter of 0.9cm. On Request, we can ship it in forms of; Whole Chilli, Flakes or Powder.

African Bird's Eye Chilli(ABE)| Peri Peri

African Bird's Eye Chilli (ABE) | Piri Piri
Capsicum frutescens

From the Capsicum frutescens species, ABE is actually a close relative of the fiery hot tabasco chilli and for hundreds of years it has been grown in the African wild. On Request, we can ship it in forms of; Whole Chilli, Flakes or Powder.

Habanero Dry Whole and Flakes pepper

Habanero Pepper
Capsicum chinense

It's one of the most intensely hot, spicy chili peppers that you will come across. Our Habaneros ripen into one of a variety of colors including red, orange or yellow.On Request, we can ship it in forms of; Whole Chilli, Flakes or Powder.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds
Sesamum indicum

Uganda is a net exporter and 7th largest producer of sesame seeds in Africa. Packing is done in 10kg and 25kg pp bags.

White beans

White Beans
Phaseolus vulgaris

White beans will come in the variety of the white alubia bean and flat white bean, packed in 20kg pp bags. Grain production of white beans will take off in the 2nd season of 2021.

Chia seeds

Chia Seeds
Salvia hispanica

Also called Mexican chia or salba chia They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fiber, iron, and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke.

Red Beans

Red Beans
Phaseolus vulgaris

The common bean is an important food crop and major source of protein throughout the world. Used in a variety of traditional dishes, kidney beans are usually eaten well cooked. Raw or improperly cooked kidney beans are toxic, but well-prepared beans can be a healthy component of a well-balanced diet.